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World of Warships - Introduction.

World of Warships is one of the most popular online games where you can control your own warship and use it in order to fight with other users. If you heard about titles such as world of warplanes or world of tanks, then you know that the company responsible for them created one of the best these types of games on the market. Today, ladies and gents, is a day where you are going to be convinced to yet another title released by those folks.

You'll see how many advantages this game has and how few downsides you can occur there. Whole article was made for those people who want an objective opinion and review that will clearly state what are both benefits and faults of such game. You'll also get to know where World of Warships Download is available. Let's now proceed and see what interesting things guys from has got for you. Remember that if there is something that have been missed, you can also visit a World of Warships forum and read some more there.

Basics information about game World of Warships and what is it all about.

This is another edition of simulating-type of games where at the beginning we start from small ships with quite low fire power and we continue to upgrade them and purchase newer and newer models. After huge success of World of Tanks, Wargaming studio decided to change the motif and move on to the warships from the era of Second World War. We are going to control variety of ships made in XX century. What classes of warships are waiting for us? There are few and you can become the captain of destroyers (torpedo-boats), cruisers, battleships or even aircraft carriers. Product we are introducing to you has got some flaws but comparing to numerous advantages, they are almost invisible. Realism of the game as well as great mapping of vessels was main focus of the producers. They wanted to recreate all the details in the highest possible level, also including breath-taking graphics with new technologies and approach that will shock everyone who is a fan of great visual experience. We know all of you want to know more about World of Warships Download links, but let us tell you more about game itself.

Gameplay, balance of the game and the reasons why World of Warships is worth playing..

When it comes to gameplay, Word of Warships is as addictive as previous games made by the studio. They wanted to create a MMO simulating game where massive amount of players will meet in one map and fight furious battles competing of label of the best. It is available thanks to great solution and system that allows a lot of connections at the same time. Thanks to that there are no lags, crashes or problems with anything like that. In World of Tanks there were so many tanks you could choose. This time you are going to have a great deal of options but in case of ships. Guys from wargaming studio made sure that game is balanced.

It doesn't matter what types of warships you want to use. If destroyers are your choice, you will be able to control fast and deadly ships that can catch up all other types. Nevertheless, they are quite fragile and one mistake can cost you a ship. Same situation is with other classes. Cruisers are larger and more durable but slower, so you are not going to catch the little ones unless they make a mistake. Even bigger than cruisers are battleships with powerful firepower. They can destroy almost anything but their speed is very limited. Last but definitely not least are aircraft carriers that carry most powerful weapons and air support that your allies might need. Everything has pros and cons, there isn't one, the best choice and your choice only depends from the gameplay you choose.

How can I get this game? What is needed in order to play it?

We probably didn't mention it earlier, but the reason why World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and of course World of Warships is so popular and easily accessible is its free access. Game is based on free-to-play system that uses micro-transactions as the source of additional, premium help. It means that everyone can achieve the same level of greatness, become great captain of powerful warships, nonetheless premium players will do that rather faster. It doesn't mean that game isn't balanced! Micro-payments are going to facilitate the situation in-game but they will definitely not favor particular group of players. They only give additional help you might not need if you turn out to be a great player.

So, in order to play it you shall visit official website of wargaming, World of Warships in particular. There, you will see more information about game itself, see some trailers, screens and of course download button. You can also visit a World of Warships forum, where people share their ideas and some interesting news can be found there. Except that, you have to register your account from which you will be able to log in into the game. It is very important to enter valid data because confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address.

That's almost all we wanted to include. Last thing that is very important are requirements. World of Warships Download links can be found on the official website, so there is no point of pointing that out. Nevertheless, hardware requirements imposed by developers are quite high and we feel it's a good thing to say few things about them. World of Warships was based on the graphics engine similar to the one used in World of Tanks but significantly improved. That is to say, your graphics card will be much more used in this version. Generally, CPU is similar, but it won't hurt having something better. If you want to play the game on high settings (not the highest, but high), you should have at least Intel Core i5 CPU, 4 GB RAM memory, 1 GB graphics card (it's good to have Geforce GTX 550 Ti or 2 GB Radeon R7 250) and at least 30 GB HDD free. What's interesting, World of Warships is compatible with the newest Windows 10!